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The Human Ageing Genomic Resources (HAGR) is a collection of databases and tools designed to help researchers study the genetics of human ageing using modern approaches such as functional genomics, network analyses, systems biology and evolutionary analyses.[1]

HALL: a comprehensive database for human aging and longevity studies

Human Aging and Longevity Landscape (HALL), a comprehensive multi-omics repository encompassing a diverse spectrum of human cohorts, spanning from young adults to centenarians. The core objective of HALL is to foster healthy aging by offering an extensive repository of information on biomarkers that gauge the trajectory of human aging. Moreover, the database facilitates the development of diagnostic tools for aging-related conditions and empowers targeted interventions to enhance longevity. HALL is publicly available at[2]

Biolearn, an open-source library for biomarkers of aging

Identifying and validating biomarkers of aging is pivotal for understanding the aging process and testing longevity interventions. Biolearn is an open-source library (freely available at dedicated to the implementation and application of aging biomarkers.[3]

Biolearn facilitates:

1. harmonization of existing aging biomarkers, while presenting a structured framework for novel biomarkers in standardized formats;

2. unification of public datasets, ensuring coherent structuring and formatting, thus simplifying cross-population validation studies; and

3. provision of computational methodologies to assess any harmonized biomarker against unified datasets.

A metabolic atlas of mouse aging


Human Muscle Ageing Cell Atlas (HMA)

The Human Muscle Ageing Cell Atlas provides a series of integrated cellular and molecular explanations for sarcopenia and frailty development in advanced ages.[5][6]

Gene Expression Regulation Database (GREDB)

GereDB is an comprehensive cohort of gene expression regulation relationships curiated from published literatures. Geredb has been continually devepleted for more than 4 years, making it the one of the most trusted and complete collection of gene expression regulation database in the community.[7]

voyAGEr: free web interface for the analysis of age-related gene expression alterations in human tissues

voyAGEr is an online graphical interface to explore age-related gene expression alterations in 49 human tissues.[8] voyAGEr was created to assist researchers with no expertise in bioinformatics, providing a supportive framework for elaborating, testing and refining their hypotheses on the molecular nature of human ageing and its association with pathologies, thereby also aiding in the discovery of novel therapeutic targets. voyAGEr is freely available at voyAGEr reveals transcriptomic signatures of the known asynchronous ageing between tissues, allowing the observation of tissue-specific age-periods of major transcriptional changes, associated with alterations in different biological pathways, cellular composition, and disease conditions.


A major resource in HAGR is GenAge,[9] which includes a curated database of over 300 genes related to human ageing and a database of over 2,000 ageing- and longevity-associated genes in model organisms.

Aging-related gene sets

Functions for aging-related gene sets. All included genes are collected from aging-related literature and manually annotated. All gene sets are divided into ten sub-categories. The species currently listed include humans and mice.[10]

Senescence promoting genes


EWASdb : epigenome-wide association study database

Single-cell transcriptomics

[11] [12]


GenAge Human Genes

This section of GenAge features genes possibly related to human ageing. Briefly, genes were selected for inclusion based on findings in model organisms put in context of human biology plus the few genes directly related to ageing in humans. As such, genes should be seen as candidate human ageing-associated genes.[13]

Gene4Denovo: an integrated database and analytic platform for de novo mutations in humans

GenAge Model Organisms

Ageing and/or longevity in model organisms[14]


Another major database in HAGR is AnAge.[15] Featuring over 4,000 species, AnAge provides a compilation of data on ageing, longevity, and life history that is ideal for the comparative biology of ageing.


DrugAge provides data on over 500 ageing-related drugs across model organisms.[16]


DrugCentral, accessible at , is an open-access online drug information repository. It covers over 4950 drugs, incorporating structural, physicochemical, and pharmacological details to support drug discovery, development, and repositioning.[17]




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