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What is Longevity Wiki?

Longevity Wiki is the world’s first open access longevity education platform. It is a global non-profit Wiki created to democratise information on research efforts in aging biology. The Wiki 'officially' went live 15 December 2021.

What is its purpose?

Longevity Wiki exists to bridge the knowledge gap between doctors, scientists and the public with aging biology research.

Aging is the largest cause of death and suffering worldwide, accounting for more than 70% of deaths globally. However, there is widespread lack of understanding about biological aging and its critical role in age-related diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and cardiovascular disease. This is a bottleneck towards accelerating the rate of geroscience research - a nascent field of medicine that seeks to understand how the underlying biological mechanisms of aging can be targeted to prevent and treat age-related diseases.

Longevity Wiki provides clear, concise information and empowers readers to contribute to this field. Our goal is to progress the longevity field by providing free educational material in the form of informative articles. It should be valuable for both specialists and non-specialists.

Why a Wiki?

The major benefit of using a Wiki is that it allows anybody to contribute. The longevity field is vast, and having a system that allows users to easily amend and update content is crucial to ensuring the value of the Wiki.

Why not use Wikipedia?

Although Wikipedia is a great source of information on an immense number of topics, its information on longevity science is rather limited. This probably has to do with the fact that the longevity field is still very new and, for some reason or another, considered by some still as controversial. With Longevity Wiki we like to provide a platform that's more open to new ideas in this field, but still honour the same ideals as Wikipedia like taking an objective, neutral and unbiased point of view. In the future, when the longevity field becomes more mainstream, a separate Wiki might not be necessary anymore.

Who is involved?

Longevity Wiki is an open-access project and anyone can contribute. Here are some of the key team members:

Jack Harley

Jack Harley is a neuroscientist trained at the University of Oxford. He is the author of the popular article, Anti-Aging: State of the Art published on the rationality forum, LessWrong. Jack is the former Vice President of the Oxford Society of Ageing and Longevity and has 8+ years’ experience in for-profit roles in Biotech and non-for-profit roles in the Effective Altruism community.

Bogdan Dziewierz

Bogdan Dziewierz is software architect and engineer with a specialisation in digital, web and mobile. He has 15+ years experience architecting and building multi-tiered, distributed web and mobile applications.

Marc Smeehuijzen

Marc Smeehuijzen is a User Experience designer with over 15 years experience in web design and usability. He has worked for a variety of international companies making their technology easier to use.

Benjamin Wu

Benjamin Wu is an Australian healthcare professional working in primary eye care, serving a predominantly geriatric patient base. He is chiefly interested in the biology of aging, translational medicine, and advancing the geroscience hypothesis. He is currently a PhD candidate in Biology of Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Andrea Del Carmen Fabregat

Andrea Del Carmen Fabregat is a neuroscientist and aging researcher with an international education background across the USA, UK, Australia and Spain. She graduated from King's College London and completed a masters degree in Translational Medicine, and is currently a PhD candidate in Systems Biology of Aging.

Kenny Potter

Kenny Potter is a marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in strategic and digital marketing. Kenny graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, completed his MBA at Xavier University with a focus in Marketing, and has a certificate from George Washington University's digital marketing program.

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More information about our organization and available roles, can be found in our Handbook.

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