Role: Lead Editor / Community Manager

From Longevity Wiki

Longevity Wiki is an open-access, longevity science education platform. We are seeking a talented lead editor / community manager to help us build and maintain a dedicated team of volunteer content writers and create consistent, high-quality content for the website.

The role entails being responsible for recruiting, managing, and overseeing the volunteer content writers and ensuring the consistent creation of high-quality articles, and editing existing content. This role also entails creating new pages (stubs) on the Wiki and reaching out to academics in the longevity field to seek assistance in writing these new topics.

The lead editor / community manager will work closely with existing Longevity Wiki team members (Jack Harley and Bogdan Dziewierz, co-founders of Longevity Wiki, and Ben Wu, Head of Content), but will also be required to work independently for some tasks.

The lead editor / community manager should be strongly mission-aligned, with knowledge of the longevity field, and a passion for connecting like-minded individuals together within the scope of the Wiki to create compelling, scientifically accurate content.

Why work with Longevity Wiki?

  • We are a, non-for-profit organization dedicated to helping share the science of longevity to millions of people worldwide
  • We are a supportive and inclusive team, with an open work culture
  • We support remote and flexible work hours
  • Competitive salary and potential for extension of contract

Remuneration: Negotiable, paid in cryptocurrency (stablecoin)

Hours per week: 10 (remote)

Contract length: 3 months, with possibility of extending to 6-12 months based on performance

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Maintain consistent editorial direction for Wiki articles.
  • Build a dedicated team of volunteer community of content writers
  • Oversee the creation of new articles for the Wiki, and provide necessary edits and feedback to writers
  • Work closely with the core team to ensure work outputs align with the organisational vision.
  • Quickly on-board new content writers and volunteers
  • Build connections with academic laboratories and encourage them to contribute to Wiki content creation

Qualifications and skills

  • Passion for the Longevity science field
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Strong scientific writing skills

Preferred but not essential

  • Master's or PhD
  • Management experience

Note: if you do not meet all the requirements above, you may still apply!

How to apply

If you are interested, please reach out to Jack Harley at